I'm Tryin' to Work Here!

So, I am working away this week... trying to be diligent as per usual... but try as I might, I just cannot be. Why?

Two words:


Clearly, one cannot be expected to have productive days in front of the computer when one is constantly reminded of doing the nasty with Russian whores and/or buying prescription drugs at low, low prices. I have a fairly new version of Outlook which pops-up a little notification whenever a new e-mail comes in. Just when I am getting in the groove, one of these little gems pops up to remind me that women do, in fact, like their men long and hard. The following is just a small sampling of just how colourful my inbox has become this week ever since our junk mail filter has gone on the fritz:

* Make your spermatozoids active with Spermamax... Wha?
* handsome famiily hardcore f**cking!... As long as the family is handsome. I don't wanna to see no uggos.
* No more hater to your penis once you’ve started taking Penis Enlarge Patch... Don't be hatin'.
* charming incest Pictures!... Is there any other kind?
* radiant incest Pictures!... I stand corrected.
* Dad suckinng Son's d**ck!... FINALLY, something appropriate to watch when I am bored at work!
* She will be yours with the first blow of the wind that will blow the smell of your Ultra Allure Pheromones to her face... What happens if it isn't a windy day?
* Youngest bonny Teens f*ccked by oldman... Who knew Gary Oldman was such a versatile actor?
* Russsian bonny Sluts here doing handsome bl*wjj*b... Oh, those Russians!
* fucking russiaan pulchritudinous B*tch!... Doing it pulchritudinously this time... sounds kinky.
* sightly Schoolgiirls doing splendiferous succking... I have ALWAYS thought that there is just not enough alliteration in the porn industry.
* fair russsian Cuties in poono!... I've been to poono. Nice place, but you cannot get a half decent grilled cheese sandwich to save your life!
* Any med for your girl to be happy!... One can only hope that when I find the man of my dreams, he will be so thoughtful as to do anything to make me happy. Might I suggest Valium?
* Group jolly teens hardcore!... Hardcore group sex = Happy adolescents. It's a fact!

Must focus on work... must focus on work...

* Do you want ravishing virginn Girls?

God Dammit!

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