Are You Down With OPP?

Of course you are? Everyone is. It is just common courtesy to respect other people’s property. Every last homey knows that. The only person who seems unaware of this is Hugh.

The last week has been a fairly sleepless one. Why? Because my cat’s newest favorite hobby is no longer climbing up the painting, but climbing up my clothes hanging in the wardrobe and swinging from them. And when I say “clothes”, I mean the last 2 articles still remaining on their hangers. Oh, I started the week by re-hanging everything in the morning, or after I got home from work, but then realized that re-hanging everything just gave him the fodder from which to fuel his fire… slowly but ever so surely my clothes have been slipping from their hanging slumber on to a pile at the bottom of my wardrobe. And I have done nothing to rectify this situation over the last few days…

So now I have turned to locking him out of my room at night and wearing earplugs to drown out the sounds of his incessant mewing, and clawing at the door… and running up the stairs only to throw his body weight against said door. Thud.

But sometimes I give in. He sounds so sad… maybe he’s learned his lesson. He is just a kitten after all. He doesn’t know right from wrong. Aw, Hugh, sweetie… Ok, you can come in, as long as you come onto the bed and curl up and go to sleep… And so open the door I do, only for him to head straight to the wardrobe and commence his best George of the Jungle impersonation. Bye Hughie, thanks for coming out… door closes once again… ear plugs inserted. Sleep, I need sleep.

If chopping his little balls off doesn’t curb his enthusiasm for destruction, I really do not know what I will do, as I’m pretty sure giving Ritalin to a cat is illegal. What about Valium though? For me I mean, not the cat. Valium would come in handy right about now…

Aw, good kitty… you climb up that shirt and rip it to shreds… That’s a GOOD kitty… ohhhh, look at the pretty clouds…

Bea 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' Petty


mollyblogger said...

Um... all sympathies... been there, done that. I believe I adopted Spaz while he was just a tad older than Hugh is now... and he was still a menace... hence why I named him Spaz.

Good luck, wish I could say there was an end in sight... but it ain't coming for a while. Kittens. That's what they do.

Like gremlins. Evil.

TheatreChick73 said...

There is such a thing as kitty valium. Basically its human valium just in smaller doses. Frightening eh?

And how do I know this?

I needed to find out how to subdue my cat to bring her to the vet. I never did use the valium. Though sometimes the scratch marks on my arms make me wish I had.