This Just in... Nothing

Last night, a few things happened that I feel compelled to share. They are in no way exciting, but for lack of anything else to share with you, they will have to do. Now, once I re-join the civilized world and the beautiful peeps at Young and Eligible next month, I may have some more exciting things to gab about, but until then, this is what you get:

1) Increasingly losing respect for anyone who does not watch House.

2) I don’t think the next American Idol should ONLY be able to sing well when sitting down on the floor.

3) My cat locked himself in the bathroom at some point last night. I woke up to what sounded like a baby being thrown against the wall. It was, in fact, my cat throwing himself against the door.

4) Having locked himself inside the bathroom for god knows how long with an unlimited supply of water from the toilet the little guy needed to tinkle… which he proceeded to do… in the bathtub. And while it sucked having to clean cat urine out of the tub in the middle of the night, I was quite proud of the little guy for understanding the physics behind liquids and drains… and not going on the floor.

5) Having successfully taught Hugh the words ‘where is your mouse’ whereby he immediately proceeds to parts of the loft unknown to find said inanimate best friend and drops it beside me where we play fetch for what seems like hours on end… if you ever thought that cats had short attention spans, you have not met my little guy… I have now decided that I will teach him how to go to the bathroom in the toilet à la Meet the Parents. Do I expect that he’ll learn to flush the toilet? No, but I am willing to go to just about any extreme so as not to have to clean the kitty litter… any extreme except for the former-PNB’s that is, whose solution was to liberally spray the immediate vicinity with the most noxious air freshening spray possible… I am talking about a spray that I am sure was banned in even the poorest of third world countries here folks… It’s entirely possible that he was actually trying to kill me and only when that didn’t work, decided to break things off… and then immediately sent a stalker my way to do the dirty deed for him…Hmmm… suddenly everything makes so much more sense…

Let us all pray that Bea gets a more exciting life when she moves…


TheatreChick73 said...

Holy cow HOUSE! What an amazing season finale! Some people at work said they "gave up on it" because they "couldn't follow it." LOSERS! LAME! You missed the payoff!

Counting down to next season.....

Good luck on the move!

and Good boy Hugh!

mollyblogger said...

You should see Date Movie. It's a pretty bad movie, but there is one scene spoofing the toilet-trained cat sequence which is pretty damned hilarious. And entirely worth the fact that the rest of the movie sucks badly.