My Friends are Cooler Than Yours Are!

First Celebrity Boyfriend Stealer goes and parties the night away with one of my favorite celebrity boyfriends (Mr. Butler). And then Girl ups and steals a shot with my favorite Olympic boyfriend (Brad Gushue). And now THIS....

For those of you who do not eat, sleep and breath all things Olympic, this is Alexandre Despatie-- silver medalist in diving from Athens. Ain't he adorable???

But I am starting to sense a pattern here.

February 2006

Bea: "I have to take the women's team to terminal one and make sure they catch their connecting flight. Can you stay here and make sure everything goes ok with the men?"

Girl: "Oh don't worry Bea, I'll make sure that the team is well taken care of"... WINK.

April 2006

Girl: "Golly Bea, it's just tooooo bad that you aren't coming to QC this year. It's going to so boring there without you. I'll have no one to party with. It's just going to be sooooooooo lame."

Bea: "Aw, Girl. You know I would go if there was a need for me. But alas, I must stay in the Big Smoke to hold down the fort and baby sit our new hire. But cheer up, you'll have a great time, I just know you will.

Girl: "No, I won't". SAD SACK.

Yeah, nice try Girl. The innocent act is just not going to cut it anymore... not on this girl... so you'll need to get up MUCH earlier in the morning to pull the wool over my eyes again. Fool me once, twice shame on — shame on you. Fool me — I can't get fooled again.

Bea "my friends are cooler than me" Petty

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Capitaine said...

I thought about you when I saw the OC was in Quebec city. Too bad you didn't get to come!

Hmm, Alex Despatie! All young (and not so young) girls love him here!