The Lesser Known "F" Word

Instead of having a mostest productivess weekend, I ended up coming down with the flu somewhere between 10pm when I went to bed on Friday night and 3am, when I woke up shivering like I was in a deep freeze and feeling like I had been at the losing end of a boxing match with a 300 pound kangaroo. I haven’t had the flu in a very long time. It was weird. And awful.

And you know you are really sick when you are chatting to one of the people who loves you most in the world… You know, a guy friend in whose eyes you can never do any wrong and who thinks you are a beautiful princess no matter what… and wants to see a picture of his sick little Bea, because no matter how sick she is, she is still going to be really adorable… and so you take a pic… even editing out the really bad pic that makes the weepy eyes and Rudolph red nose REALLY obvious… only to have said friend who thinks you are gorgeous no matter what say:

Oh jeez, Bea… you look like… Oh my god, you look awful… I have to delete that picture right away… oh jeez…oh lord… the image is burned into my brain… delete that picture NOW and never, ever show it to anyone… EVER.

Now if that’s not sick, then I don’t know what is!


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