Miss, or Won't Miss?

Spending 2 hours of my Friday night getting Hugh down from the water pipe, which, due to the "lofty" nature of the loft, is 20 feet off the ground??? Won't miss

Being able to spend a nice weekend day on a giant patio??? Miss

The unexpected outbreak of bagpipe music whilst reading on the above mentioned patio??? Miss

Working from home on a Monday because of a wild-cat transit strike has left me stranded in the slums??? Miss/ Won't Miss (who doesn't like working from home)

Navigating my steep, narrow, banister-free stairs in the dark in the middle of the night to empty the world's tiniest bladder??? Won't miss

The lovely smell of the rubber factory next door and a sweltering summer day??? Won't miss

Free central air conditioning??? Miss

Taking the bus??? Won't miss

Not having one single closet or one iota of storage space? Won't miss

Splitting cable/internet with roommate??? Miss

Having neighbourhood grocery store as a Price Chopper (non-Toronto dwellers... Price Chopper = GHETTO)??? WON'T MISS

Parking lot movie nights in the summer??? Miss

168 Slumington??? Won't miss

Not being able to rent/ go to a movie/ do anything spur of the moment??? Won't miss

Trainspotting??? Miss

Living above an illegal gambling ring??? Won't miss

Kick ass parties happening regularly 3 doors down??? Miss

Spending a bazillion dollars on taxis just so I can have a social life... such that it is??? Won't miss

I am sure there are more pros and cons to moving, but I am supposed to be working after all... albeit from home, sitting on my couch... in my sweats.


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mollyblogger said...

Aww... so sad. The end of an era.

But good memories. Good times. More to come!