Mick Jagger and Eccentric Hotels

Welcome to last night's dreamland.

I will not go into detail about what role Mick Jagger might have played in one of my dreams except to say that I woke up with a smile on my face and a strong desire to go to a Rolling Stones concert. For someone in his sixties, he sure is virile.

But it was my other dream that was the more interesting of the two. How can THAT be possible you may be asking yourselves... But it's true. I guess I am having some anxiety over moving and possibly not having a job all around the same. In my dream the latter had indeed occurred so necessity dictated that I take up lodgings in a rather run-down but interesting hotel. For those of who who have seen the Great Muppet Caper think the Happiness Hotel... If you haven't seen the Great Muppet Caper then you really have not lived. That's all I will say on that topic.

Anyway, so here I was at this hotel, whose crazy steep and darkened stairway was about 1 foot wide and covered in shag carpeting from floor to ceiling. I had no idea how I was going to fit up them with all my stuff, but somehow I did and entered into the lobby through a 'being John Malkovich' sized door to find a bunch of really, really interesting people inside. The lobby was made up of what I can only describe as a penguin habitat and most of the people were swimming around, chasing each other through the little ice tunnels. They were having a blast. I couldn't wait to join them...

And then my cat started scratching at my door to get in, so I never did find out about the penguin habitat, or meet any of the other curious people in the Happiness Hotel. So very disappointed. But what I do know is that I discovered a new part of my subconscious last night... a steep, dark and narrow staircase to parts unknown makes that easy to figure out. But the rest of the dream? Hmmm... ponderous, really ponderous.

Bea "I want to see the penguin people again damnit!" Petty

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