So here I am at work. A lovely day for an outdoor wedding I must say! Yah right. Maybe, if you like rain and fog and cold, damp ocean air. Yes, you heard me. I am getting one fewer day to spend with my Scotsman because a crazy Aussie thinks that getting married outside at our lighthouse in the middle of winter is a good idea!!! I am not super chuffed at this and I think that will be all I will say on the matter!

Back to the Scotsman, who is leaving in 3 days. Am I sad? Very, but it's good in a way. He needs to go home and figure out what the heck he is going to do with his life. Until then, there is not a whole lot I can do. Is he a great guy? YES! In fact, I think everyone should date a Scotsman. Why, you may be asking yourself? Well, here goes my list of 3 Reasons to Date a Scotsman list:

3) Scotsmen are from Scotland
2) Scotsmen have Scottish accents
1) Kilts, Kilts, Kilts!!!

Sorry, not too earth-shattering, but there you go. Anyway, all this writing about Scotsman is making a little teary-eyed so I will say no more on this subject. On a similiar note though, it seems that my pauvre petite amie Dee has been having some man troubles of her own. Poor Dee, and you thought that it was Victoria that was bringing you the bad man luck. Oh who am I kidding, it's true. Victoria has pretty much lost all appeal to me. As beautiful as it is, especially now that the rest of the coutry is like minus a billion degrees, I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE!!!!!!! If for any reason, just to get away from the horrible drivers in this town. Oh, and by the way, since having posted my lament to the Ford Mustang convertible, it would seem that they are everywhere. Now, I am not usually one for being paranoid... I leave that for my friend SAM... but I'm pretty sure there is some sort of conspiracy out there. Are Ford Mustang convertibles taking over the world???? All I am saying is think about it! Anyway, here is my Honku du jour. As usual, it is based on actual events.

Hey! Wake up Buddy!
Whenever it suits YOUR needs,
Feel free to turn left!

Not my best, I know, but you can't strike gold every time you go a diggin'. And now for my RRDJ. I could recommend just one book, but instead, I will recommend an author. What books you choose (or don't choose, whatever, my feelings won't be hurt) are up to you. Graham Hancock has penned many, many books among them, Message of the Sphynx, The Mars Mystery and Fingerprints of the Gods (my Fav!). Typically his books search for evidence on early lost civilizations, usually arguing that ancient civilzations are both older and more advanced than scientists and historians have given them credit for. A little crazy? Maybe, but at least he backs up his arguments with some pretty impressive evidence. Unlike some people ie. Nancy Leidner who believes that everything that scientists or governments says is part of a massive worldwide cover-up. How does she know this? Oddly enough, she gets all her information from an alien species called the Zeta Reticulans. It's hard not to believe when it comes from such a source! And that reminds me, I have added a new link on the sidebar-- Bad Astronomy will inform you as to just how wacko this woman is. But back to Graham Hancock. Great writer and a RRDJ that I am especially proud of.


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