Happy Monday!

Well, my wee Scotsman is leaving in 2 1/2 weeks and I am very sad. Maybe somehow I can teach my cat Oreo to meow in a scottish accent (McMeow???). That way, I won't miss him so much. Why do I seem to get involved with fellas from different countries... thereby making it impossible to pursue serious relationships... It's a mystery to me. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.

On a whole other note (yes, please, let's get away from my mental issues)... I should introduce my friend Bobby... not to be confused with Bobbie (that's me). He was the one who introduced me to this outlet. Before you judge him too harshly, check out his Blog, Vandelay Industries, where you will find high quality latex products, as well a variety of other musings. Poor Bobby... His wife has gone away for a wee while. Pretty soon, we will be moping together.

Never one to be afraid of stealing other people's ideas, I am going to follow suit/copy Mr. Vandelay and give y'all some entertainment suggestions.

1) Movie: If your haven't gone to see Lord of the Rings Return of the King yet... what the hell are you thinking?????? Go see it you crazies. Ladies, stay away from Legolas. HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!

2) Music: Lounge Music: Is there anything more enjoyable to listen to than cheesy cocktail music? Not that I can think of. Goes really well with Martinis.

3) TV: Well, unfortunately I don't have cable but... I do get some quality TV shows such as Blind Date and Maury. But I have to say that the prize goes to Elimidate. Nothing showcases female intelligence and dignity better than a show about 4 women hoping not to get voted off by Mr. Chach. Alcohol + 4 insecure women + 1 boy = Bad Idea.

Well, that's it for today folks. Stay tuned for more.


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