Today is Saturday and I am very sad. Yesterday, my Scotsman left for home--Scotland, in case you didn't know where Scotsmen came from. Anyway, as I still get teary-eyed whenever I talk or think about it... I will say nothing further. If anyone is looking for me I will be at home in the evenings, wallowing in my self-pity. Sniff Sniff.

On a different note altogether, I am beginning to think that i just shouldn't be out driving on the roads. This morning I was behind a fella who just didn't feel like signaling when he changed lanes. Don't worry, I know I have already Honku'd you with this subject. Anyway, as he made to turn right (he was in the right lane), I casually glanced in his direction, just to see what this non-signaling cowboy looked like. For some reason, he must have anticipated this and decided to give me the finger. Why, I have no idea. It's not like I was tailgating or even driving aggressively. Ok, perhaps I was following too closely at one point, like when he slowed down to about 30 clicks for a few minutes, but I was just hoping to get the light. That's when he randomly pulled into the right lane and then FINALLY decided that he would be kind enough to let the people behind him know that there would be some turning action going on! And that brings us to the fingering. Well, it was just the thing that I didn't want to see this morning. In order to keep my faith in humanity, I have to believe that he will get his one day. Perhaps someone will buy him a Mustang Convertible. Is there any fate worse than that? You tell me. And now, a short Honku about something completely different:

Hey Mr. Nice Man!
May good Karma be with you,
For letting me in

There's a lesson in there for everyone. Too bad that Mr. "I like to give people the finger, but not signal Hyundai Elantra man" won't be reading this.

RRDJ: Be kind to an elderly person. The other day, while I was in the Mini-City (safeway/liquor store at fort and foul bay), I happened to be leaving the liquor store at the same time as a very elderly and very bent over woman. Well, you know how heavy bags are when they are filled with all that liquor goodness. Anyway, I asked her if I could help her to her car with her bags. She agreed and it was all over and done with in just a few moments. I took an extra minute out of my day and helped a fellow human being. Did I get anything out of it. Nope, not unless you count that little worm glow that you get for doing something nice for someone--payment enough for me.

Later Skaters,

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