Apparently I am Stupid

I am old-ish. Been on this planet for more than a few years. I can't remember the exact date that I was taught/ learned how to use a calendar but it was some time ago... at the very least, I have known for a very, very, very long time that Christmas falls on December 25th which, when you are little, is pretty much the most important day of the year... and so what if I got some totally useless Barbie when I was 7, when what I asked for and really, really, really wanted was a Western Stamping Barbie... stupid parents... It shouldn't have been an issue, she was the ONLY Barbie wearing a freaking cowgirl outfit and who had stamps on her feet!!! Anyway, I got over it... what was I talking about?

Right, dates... calendar dates that is. So for some reason, the onset of Spring being the most likely explanation, the old girl has more dating possibilities than she knows what to do with these days. This would be great if I actually felt like dating, but right now I just want to meet some peeps to hang out with and not meet any PNBs... and some of the who started off as being totally cool with this are now turning out to be interested in a bit more than that... Sod's Law of course, but that's not for here.

One of them I am meeting up with tonight and it was PERFECT... head to the pub after work to watch the Final Four, a few pints... totally chilled. As with Neville Train Conductor who, as it turns out does not need a watch to keep the trains running on time... it wasn't about being with one person over another, it was about just having company to watch the game. I would watch it with a monkey if that monkey happened to be into March Madness.

To make a long story short... I found out this morning that the game is actually tomorrow. So NOW tonight will be more like a date than anything else dag nabbit. Note to self... double check the date when committing to anything. Stupid, stupid Bea.


Cascadia said...

you are far from old bea, far from old.....

please don't hate me, i had that barbie....she was really cool

i hope you had fun on your non-d

mollyblogger said...

Glad to hear that Barbie or no.... you're back in the saddle again :)