That Sh*t's Swanked

And by that, of course I am referring to Paul Haggis' Best Picture Oscar for Crash. Who knew that the unassuming balding man who I met at the Toronto International Film Festival a couple of years ago was going to become the darling of Hollywood and beat out a couple of gay cowboys?

I realized this morning that I had not managed to put up my Oscar predictions, but as I had only seen like 5 out of the any of the movies nominated for any of the awards, it would not have been much of a predictions page as it would have been me just making things up and giving the Oscars to whoever had the coolest name, or best hair or something like that. But I was going to pick Crash, I swear. It was the only of the 5 nominated I had seen so it would have won by default... and you know what they say about winning by default... fool me once, shame on... shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again.

Or something like that.

Give me a break. It's Monday.


Coming up on Beatrice Petty... American Idol... does it HAVE to be on 3 days a week?

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john boy said...

Thanks for the Bush impression ;)

And, yeah, what is up with THREE days of American Idol. I live with a singer now, so it is on every night. Are you having this come up with your resident singer?