Go Gozags!


After three very long days, March Madness is about to kick off again for the weekend. Do I actually give a hoot about basketball-- college or pro-- at any other time of the year? No. Did I pretend that I liked watching the Raptors a while back in order to impress the former PNB? Um... yes... sigh... the things we do for love. But the NCAA College Basketball Championships? A whole other ball game... pun intended! I, am like SO within striking distance of like, totally winning our office pool. Like totally. Just kidding, but I am holding my own.

Everyone, meet Adam Morrison aka Porno.

He is the star player on the team that I have taking it all. Why did I pick Gonzaga-- the only one in my pool to have picked a 3rd-ranked team, let alone the 'Zags? I should think that would be obvious. The name just rolls off the tongue don't it? It's so much fun to say. Gonzaga. C'mon, say it with me:





Now say again, but this time in a Dart Vader voice... Gonzaaaaaaaaaaga.

See? It's super fun.

The other great thing about the Gozags is Porno. I kid you not (sadly the picture just doesn't do him justice), this guy looks like he is straight out of a 1970's skin flick, with his crazy 'stache and floppy hair. I feel dirty just watching him play. At any moment I anticipate the familiar bow-chickie--bow-bow porn melody to burst forth from the TV. It hasn't happened... not yet... but when it does...

bow-chickie-bow-bow... chickie-bow-bow

Go Gonzaga!!!

Bea "I've got the MADNESS!!!" Petty

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