Need a Bath

So, here's another question to throw out at any male who might happen to stumble across this little slice of heaven I call Beatrice Petty... In particular, those who may be familiar with the world of online dating and playing the "let's chat incessantly over msn for weeks on end and never actually meet" game.

When chatting to a girl, does asking her what she is wearing and what her measurements are two sentences into the very first msn conversation EVER work? I'm just curious, because, like... ew.



Cascadia said...

It is just about as good as bringing up the anal sex in the first 15 minutes.....I mean, if you want to get in my pants, don't you think you should leave out those questions?

Anonymous said...

Well, aside from having a scorchingly suggestive intimate encounters profile that the guy is responding to, no. Again, I think it is from the school of "nine girls will slap you in the face but the tenth time is magic" Personally I wait for the first sign of dirty talk before I "verbally disrobe"

mollyblogger said...

hey... was it that same guy who once asked, without a breath in between:

"you like sex"
"what your phone number"
"you have a MSN"

Because that guy was f-ing hilarious.

Beatrice Petty said...

Yay!!! Cassie is back! Missed you babe...

Anonymous... you're funny.