Demise of My Quotation Fingers

It is with great effort that I am typing this morning. Without going into the horrific details, I had another kitty incident on Friday. I should have known better. What with the Mr. Pee Pee going to town on my bed on Tuesday, and Oreo having a near death experience on Wednesday... they say things happen in threes. Anyway, I currently have the middle and ring fingers on my left hand wrapped together so that the giant slice that our neighbour's cat took out of me on Friday can heal... hence the title of this posting. How I will survive the next little while without "quotation fingering" ever second word??? I know not. Alas, poor Bea.

As for my little one... She came home on Saturday and despite walking around like she just downed a 2-4 of tequila and wobbling à la Michael J. Fox, she is doing pretty well. She even made it past the barricades I put up at the bottom of my stairs and wobbled all the way up them at 4am this morning only the freak the crap out of me by purring in my ear. Oh, how I missed that purr. She was quite proud of herself. At times I can hardly keep from laughing as she tries so hard to get from point a to point b all the while trying to remain upright. It is also heartbreaking too, as she truly has no idea that there is anything different about her. You can tell that she gets frustrated when she can't do the things she used to... that is the hardest for me to watch.

So what's the final prognosis? The doc doesn't know. She could have some underlying viral or tumor issues, but without a barrage of expensive and "won't change things in the long run anyway even if we did find something" tests, we won't know. He is happy with her progress to this point so we will just have to wait and see. But I do know that in the short time she has been at home, she seems to have gotten a little better and that is very good news for me. Yay Oreo.

That's it for today... must save what little ability I have to type (and I had very little to begin with as anyone who has ever had the pleasure of msning with me... wan tot) for actual work.



Capitaine said...

Yeah Oreo! Glad to hear the news!

Courtney said...

So glad to hear that she's doing better!