To Laugh or Not to Laugh


So we all know that I am single. And we all know that I am sort of mostly OK with being single. But sometimes a truly unique experience gets thrown my way whereby part of me laughs hysterically to the point that I have to run to the bathroom lest I tinkle on the couch... and the other part sobs like a little girly-man at my lot in life re: my love-life situation.

Something that may not be as well known as my lot in life is that I LOVE Borat. I saw the movie ages ago and it was like, the funniest thing ever. After watch the movie film I speak like Borat for many days. You like?

The following is a copy and paste of an e-mail I got on my soon-becoming-not-so-favorite online dating site. HOPEFULLY you are familiar with Borat and read the following in his voice. If not then it makes the following not so much hysterically funny as it does pathetic and sad. And by pathetic and sad, I am referring to my life...

i need date from you, im loving caring respecting guy
i give pure love , i dont hurt my girl at all
i m alone without partner for more than one year becouse of my travel.(No sex too becsue its not my target)
i need girl to be my love forever
i wish she is you
tell me something about you
are u really single?
tell me about ur study or work.
tell me about ur family,your life,when it was last time for you with man in relation,last time u had sex.,kind of places u like to go??
give me your mail to add you plz?!!

I should mention here that is particular fella, who had no pic and listed his height as smaller than 5 feet, had the following three interests: friends, sex, reading.

In that order.

I like reading too.

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mollyblogger said...

hahahahahahaha... that's awesome.

you like a msn?