Is it Christmas yet?


I cant' believe it's been like 3 weeks since I've posted. Not that I actually have anything new to report in those three weeks... Well, I do but no one wants to hear Bea go on feeling sorry for herself. Bea doesn't even want to her herself go on about how she is feeling sorry for herself. No, instead Bea would like to talk about herself in the third person as if that was entirely normal thing for someone to do.

So, in a nutshell, Bea's been out of sorts. Back issues, as well as sinuses and now the flu, Bea has not been feeling her best. And of course, as always, ye olde love life is still as disastrous as ever, with Bea making a fool out of herself over a boy yet again. Sigh, Bea is so silly.

One good thing is that work finally got of their arses and decided that the old girl was worth keeping around so yay, being moved around a la Office Space Swingline Stapler Guy aside, that is definitely something to be joyous about one supposes.

In conclusion, Bea's got some sh*t to sort out and she expects that a fair bit of it will get done when she visits the folks for the holidays next month. Bea has also been on lots of muscle relaxants and thinks that may have addled her brain just a tad. It might SEEM amusing to listen to her refer to herself in the third person on a short little blog posting but imagine how the TTC guy must feel when she tries to get onto the subway.

'She would like 10 tokens please'

It also causes problems when ordering at restaurants and when responding to emails at work, as I am sure you can well imagine. Let's all send happy thoughts Bea's way so she can get past this slight rough patch.

Cheerio, pip-pip and all that fun stuff


dunner74 said...

I thought you might like this little ditty about your favourite Liverpool player.

He's Tall
He's Red
His feet stick out the bed.


former pnb/ulh said...

Someone's been watching Grey's Anatomy (and if not...just coincidence, I guess). Buck Up kiddo!!

Beatrice Petty said...

NO idea what he former-PNB is talking about... Grey's Anatomy is one bandwagon I have yet to jump on... Only a matter of time though...

Where the hell are you btw?