A Funny Thing Happened...

On the way to making friends. So it turns out that my wee Scottish laddie and I are MFEO, whereby MFEO means that we pretty much have everything in common, but enough not in common to make things interesting. Whether that translates into something more than friends remains to be seen but we may be on the way to something a little more. Who knew that ‘friends’ plus ‘hang out’ could equal ‘dating’? We hung out last night for the first time. Watched some vids at his place which I know seems quite like a bad idea to do with someone who you have never met in person, but honestly, I can’t remember the last time someone had seemed so familiar to me. So really, I felt like I was spending time with someone whom I had known for ages. It was truly the most bizarre thing.

Another bizarre thing, somewhat but mostly completely unrelated, is living once again in a neighbourhood where I actually know people. No longer is heading anywhere after work a production… no subways or buses… literally a 5 minute walk, at the most, to pretty much anywhere I might want to go. Such is the case with Scottie. The only downside being that where I would practically prepare to be away from the loft for days at a time when I went out, now I barely bother to even put on anything besides flip flops because it feels like I am just jotting next door to the neighbours to borrow some sugar. The only downside to this, as far as I can see and in fact happened last night, was that one might forget to bring some quite useful things along with one when one leaves the house. Things that were one traveling quite far would surely take in certain circumstances.

For example, if one was planning on walking far from one's home for long distances on a dismal October evening one would surely take along, say, perhaps a coat. And should that particular evening have been preceded by one of the rainiest days in recent memory with the weather folks only omising more, one might also think that an umbrella was a good thing. For while it may not be pishing when one leaves one’s own place it very well possibly be raining when one left someone else’s place in a few hours time. And even though one might only live a very short distance away from someone else, even walking 5 minutes with no coat in the pouring rain at 12:30am would still be enough to soak oneself, leaving said person looking like a drowned rat.

Lesson learned? Probably not. But then again, sometimes one has a hard time learning from one's mistakes and one repeats them over and over and over again… which one might do the very next time one leaves one’s house on a dismal October evening that threatens rain with no coat or brelly to go over to someone’s house that one has never even met.


TheatreChick73 said...

Heavens to betsy you make me laugh! Not so much the situation but the way you tell it. Not only do you have a sense of humour about it, but its a really great sense of humour!


mollyblogger said...

I'd say the kismet was worth the rain. Besides, I personally know that you wear the drowned rat look very well. I dare say, you even look cute when drenched.