TV Guide

Thursdays are awesome... if you have BBC Canada, that is. Why? Well The Office and Little Britain back to back aside, these shows, which are like, two of my favorite shows ever... are immediately preceded by my new favorite show ever: Coupling.

I know I have gone over this before, but I really truly mean it when I say that my life had not been complete before I discovered this not so hidden gem. Case in point, I want nothing for Christmas except all the seasons I am missing. Hint Hint.

I spent a solid 30 minutes last night laughing so hysterically by myself in my l'il 'partment that I thought surely the neighbours would call someone to take me away. Below is an excerpt from the show I watched last night. Thanks to You Tube, which is fast becoming the greatest thing ever put on the internet... besides my blog that is... and maybe the former roommie's... and porn.

Anyway, it's out of context and you won't know the characters but just imagine it's your birthday and the woman of your dreams has approached you at work and tempted you with all of your heart's sexual desires...

Ok, it's still out of context... so watch/ rent/ buy the shows damnit! And when you do, I'll be here... waiting... for you to thank me for making your lives just a little bit better.

All hail Bea


mollyblogger said...

Um... did you know about this???

Dear God. Our Harry's all grown up and ready to piss off all the people who've made him rich. Atta boy!

Beatrice Petty said...

Silly Molly, I did know about it... I actually sent you the link last week, but you were "away" and didn't get it I guess...

As one of those people who helped make him rich... I fully support his decision. I just need to find a way to get to England.

I know. Ew.

mollyblogger said...

I need to take a shower now.

Double Ew.