How the Mighty... and Mel Gibson, Have Fallen

Does anyone else remember when Mel Gibson was not the world’s biggest freak?

There once was a time that I actually loved the guy. Always enjoyed his work. Respected the fact that he loved and seemed faithful to his wife and had a large brood of children. Braveheart was a kick-ass movie and who doesn’t love the Lethal Weapon series? I even enjoyed the one where he put on pantyhose and wore lipstick, even though Helen Hunt has about the sex appeal of sloth.

When was it, then that he started to really turn my stomach? It’s not the raging alcoholism… that I can deal with. Can’t put my finger on it… Oh wait, it’s the raging Catholicism that turns me off to the point that I can barely stand to look at the guy any more. He sometimes redeems himself, speaking out against the war in Iraq comes to mind, but those instances seem to few and far between. He has been accused of homophobia and anti-Semitism as well, but as that has yet to officially be confirmed I am willing to not hold it against him at this point. Wait a minute… Hmmm, not an anti-Semite you say?

The newest fodder in my “Mel Gibson Sucks” fire is not even that he was arrested for driving completely sh*tfaced over the weekend. After all, what self- respecting actor has not dabbled with a little DUI now and again? Nope, it was the fact that among other completely ridiculously insulting things, MeGi supposedly uttered the following, just a part of a barrage of insults he hurled at the officers who arrested him:

"F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

This is usually always the first thing out of my mouth when I am arrested for drunk driving. It’s so relevant to the task at hand. It’s about as relevant as being out on a date with someone when all of a sudden he shouts "F*****g gays... A gay man f*****g a monkey is the reason why all the STDs in the world exist.", because that, like, totally impresses a girl. And while MeGi did not utter those words in this instance (although it is probably only a matter of time) they were uttered by a guy that I DID go out on a date with, who then proceeded to stalk me…

"F*****g stalkers... A stalker is the reason why I won’t go out with guys I meet at bus stops anymore”

Yeah, I really don’t like bus stops. Or Mel Gibson. Or stalkers.

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