This Week in TV News...

Just in case I forgot to mention this, I now have satellite TV. No, not good satellite... like the free satellite that you can pirate and get all the cool US channels, like the History and Biography Channels for free. Nope, I got the good old fashioned Canadian pay an arm and a leg the Biography Channel is some lazy hybrid version of the US version satellite. Like, whatever.

Anyway, all that aside, it's pretty cool. I still get to watch all my favs, such as SYTYCD (oh my god... how in lust am I with Dimitri and his heaving, hairless and totally cut chest), Canadian Idol not so much after that adorable red head guy got voted off, an essentially endless supply of The Simpsons, hardcore porn on the weekends at midnight (no, I cannot go out this Friday, I am BUSY... in fact, I am busy EVERY Friday and Saturday night... from now on until the end of time... bye). You know, the usual.

However, through some new channels I have recently been introduced to some shows that I was never able to see until now. Coupling is a show that I had heard of but only in so far as that I knew a crappy American version of the British had been made and cancelled almost as quickly. I happened to be home on Saturday night... wink wink... and stumbled across it. Two words:

Never laughed harder at anything in my entire life. If you ever get a chance to see it... DO IT. Oh, and it stars the dude who plays Norrington in the Pirates movies. He looks different sans powdered wig.

The second show, which I had been dying to see since I became completely addicted to the BBC version of The Office. I personally think that Ricky Gervais is a freaking genius. The new show he started after The Office ended is called Extras and the premise is that RG wants to be an actor but only seems to be able to get work as an extra. To date I have only seen a few episodes. The most recent one guest starred the ever so sexy Patrick Stewart as himself, as all the celebrity guest stars of which there are many, do. However, THIS Patrick Stewart was a slightly dirty Patrick Stewart obsessed with magically melting women's clothing off their body. Again, see the above mentioned two words re: Coupling.

I must, must, must get a hold of copies of these series... or I shall die. And what would become of my little Hughie? I repeat... must... get...copies.

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