More Things That Annoy Me

I know that in the past I have posted about inconsiderate public behaviour… putting make-up on in public, cracking gum, not holding doors or elevators etc… But I can’t remember if I wrote about the following. If I did I apologize but I had an experience this morning that I cannot keep to myself.


Public Enemy Number One

Granted, I am not a whistler… you know, one of those people who whistles for the fun of it. I CAN whistle if the occasion calls for it, but as luck would have it, it rarely does. I’m more of a hummer. I’ll hum along to myself, usually when I am along. If the mood does happen to strike me whilst out among civilized society, I do it under my breath so that only I can hear.

Cut to this morning. I get on the train that will take me two stops to my place of work. Yes, I could walk. And yes, I should walk. It’s only about a 25 minute walk but you try telling my “I could get up and walk or sleep an extra 25 minutes antithesis of a morning person” self to get out of the world’s most comfortable bed. Go ahead, I dare you. I guarantee that the outcome will not be pleasant. Anyway…

So on the train I get and before it has even left good old Eggy station the “annoyance hairs” on the back of my neck have begun to stand up.

Someone is whistling.

Bea is not alone in swiveling her head to see who the culprit is. Apparently I is not the only one with a dislike of the irksome sounds created by blowing air through puckered lips. Aha, there he is. And he is oblivious to the glares emanating in his direction from all those around him. Of course he is, because his back is turned and he is facing the door of the train so what the deuce does he care?

As if the whistling was not bad enough, the worst part was that he wasn’t even whistling any tune to speak of. It was more of a do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra- do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra…

And thus it continued for the duration of the ride which granted, was only about 4 minutes. But 4 minutes seems like an awfully long time when one is subjected to do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra- do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-ra-do-ra-mi-mi-do-ra…

Is it cocktail time yet?

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