Still Deluded

Hey All,

So I managed to not have any plans for V-Day save for watching a very fabulous episode of House and talking to my Mommy... and I have also managed to not have anything planned for tomorrow's B-Day... However, I did somehow manage to wrangle up plans for tonight in the form of a date from everybody's favorite fishing site.

I'm not super stoked...

a) because I ate lunchtime Olympic-watching pizza WAY too fast and it has since made me the gassiest person on the planet... Yes, I did just say that and I am not ashamed at all. Flatulence is a natural, albeit mildly disgusting thing but BP is all about honesty so there you have it,

b) because I could care a less about actually meeting anyone right now, and last but not least,

c) because he is a short, portly gentleman with not one single strand of hair on the top of his head. Think George Costanza sans specs. Oh, and did I mention that he is just now finalizing a divorce after having been separated for two years?

So why the heck am I even bothering? Um... Did I also mentioned that he is from England?

I think that's about all I need to say.



theGuywiththeHat said...

I have two new computer systems assigned to my this week while their "real dad" is home re-coop'ing from surgery. First thing this morning one of the systems has separation anxiety and starts pitching a fit. I had to call into tech support and spent the better part of today calling back and forth with this tech support guy with a British accent.

It made me think of you. And what happens? You get a b-day hook-up with a Cockney Costanza.

Coincidence? I think NOT :) Anyway, have a happy b-day #? It's 22, right? Or are you turning 23?

TheatreChick73 said...

Happy Bday Bea!