Groovy Baby, Yeah!!!

Ok, so maybe portly, bald Englishman didn't say those words exactly, but it really didn't matter because no matter what came out of his mouth he still sounded exactly like Austin Powers. It was brilliant.

But of course, you know that I got the "I had a really great time I'll give you call" hug and kiss on the cheek goodbye and we all know what that means. But in the end, the evening was worth it... despite my bloated gassiness (Bea... the picture of loveliness)... for I learned that I am the greatest pool player of all time. And by "all time" I mean that I am not as hopeless as I once thought. I actually won several games last night which is a marked improvement over just being lucky to sink one ball throughout the duration of the game, which is what had been the case on previous occasions.

Alright, I'm off to get my Olympics on... and have cake... for it is my B-day after all... and I deserve to have my cake... and eat it too!

Birthday Bea

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TheatreChick73 said...

Enjoy the cake! Enjoy your day.

Yeah Baby!

(I know, I won't ever do that again. Sorry.)

Happy Bday!

(Random aside: How hot was House this week? Was it just me, or did his arms looked really bulked up? Just saying....)