Cant' Talk... Working

Sorry folks,

I SO did not intend to have that post about me being such a loose woman up as the first post you would see for so long, but well... that nasty work stuff again. Although, in all fairness to me, I am no longer lying awake at night stressing out about taking charge of the Curling team when they arrive back in Canada on Monday... or that I must do my best to not bitch-slap Bertuzzi when I see him... and by bitch-slap, I mean jump his bones. Did I say that? Yes I did. No wait... I am lying awake at night thinking about jumping Bertuzzi... Never mind. Shut up.

Anyway, so work has been very, very busy but I have had tonight to look forward to. Girl and I and a couple of other friends will be attending a really cool and fancy Ball this evening, so in fact, I have been lying awake all week stressing out about what to wear to it... which makes it a nice change from the usual things that normally keep me up at night... not including my devil kitten who thinks that sticking his tongue up my nose every 2.5 seconds while I am trying to sleep is a totally appropriate way to show his affection. Yuck.

And tomorrow? Sleep, glorious sleep... until I have to get up and work that is. Are the Olympics over yet?


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TheatreChick73 said...

Who says you shouldn't jump him? Just asking....

Keep sane!