Excuses Excuses

Thanks for welcoming the little fella y'all. He really is the most adorable thing ever, albeit a total nightmare. It's been so long since I have had a kitten that I am not sure if things that he does are normal, or if he is just a total freak. I'm going with total freak because... it's just more fun.

Unfortunately for all of you, little Hugh is about all I will have to talk about over the next little while as I have decided to take a bit of a break from the world of single and looking. Why is that? I can hear you all asking. Just frustrated... once again... and I am not even blaming Sod this time... this one is pure me. It just thoroughly amazes me how I can go on two really great dates with someone, with us both having a really great time on both (or so it had appeared)... with a few stolen kisses thrown in along the way ... get my hopes up ... and then *poof* ... nothing.

Not even an "It's not you it's me" kiss off... since when did guys stop making excuses for themselves? It's so much more fun to hear things like "I really like you but...":

"I just broke up with someone a week ago and we were together for 5 years... and I realized that I am not quite over her... sorry..."

"I'm sorry, you just don't give me butterflies... I like you enough to still want to sleep with you though, I just don't actually want to put in any sort of effort... and only as long as I can keep you as my dirty little secret... and only when I feel like it..."

"I did a lot of thinking about my future and I realized that you weren't in it..."

"I have 5 other women that I am meeting this week. I'll let you know if none of them work out..."

"You remind me too much of a girl I knew in high school and HATED..."

"I can't see you anymore because I took a job in Australia..."

"And I know we have been dating for 3 months, but I can't see you anymore because I don't want to get 'involved'..."

"I can't go out with you anymore because I have to go into rehab for my gambling addiction..."

"I can't see you anymore because I find your intelligence and keen wit immasculating..."

"I can't see you anymore because my girlfriend is upstairs..."


I'm a good person... at least my Mommy thinks so.



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TheatreChick73 said...

People in general have stopped giving excuses. And normally I would applaud this BUT they aren't giving the truth either! They are doing the fade away....the "if I drift away and ignore said person then they will get the point."

I refuse to allow people to get away with this. Get some balls, suck it up and tell me the truth.

Oh yeah, and more info on Hugh would be lovely! New kitties are always so much fun!