Toronto International Film Festival: Day 6

Actually, these events happened yesterday on Day 5 and while they are decidedly unspectacular, I feel it is my duty to post them nonetheless.

Whilst discussing what we (Girl and I) would do if we came face to face with any one of the bazillion celebs in town, we passed Scott Thompson formerly of Kids in the Hall. He walked by, unaccosted by both of us. I think I knew right then and there that I would not have the guts to actually go up to someone... I mean, if I cannot bother a not uber well known Canadian celeb then what chance do I have of stopping someone known and beloved around the globe. Had I had a little bit of liquid courage in me??? Well, that would be one thing.

Note to self. Start drinking at 3pm so I can be nice and toasted when I get off work at 5pm.

Cut to.... the Four Seasons, where it has been estimated that 75% of all the patrons are there for the Festival. Can anyone guess how hard it is to blend in with a bunch of people who all take themselves way too seriously when you are wearing a backpack? It's pretty difficult. Now, can anyone guess how difficult it would have been to snap a photo of Woody Harrelson while loitering in the lobby after having just articulated to the doorman that you were not waiting in the lobby for the sole purpose of hoping to catch a glimpse of someone decidedly more glamorous than oneself, but were in fact waiting for a "friend" who was "staying" in the "hotel"? Add to that, the fact that in order to look less suspicious, I "pretended" to make a "phone call" to our "friend" who was "staying" in the "hotel"... and NO, Mr. Doorman, we do not know what floor our "friend" is "staying" on, thank you very much... Hello??? That is why we are waiting in the lobby??? I have no patience for stupidity...

You've won this round Woody Harrelson...

So, we left because we were about 2.5 seconds from getting asked to leave, and that would have just been extremely embarrassing (as opposed to telling this story to all of you... which, in my opinion, is only mildly/somewhat embarrassing) and walked around the side of the hotel where, lo and behold... Ethan Hawke emerged from the lobby whence we had just been standing. There are a few things that you should know about Ethan Hawke. One, he smokes. Two, he drinks Gatorade. Three, he is very short. He is also less pretentious than some other celebs, favouring instead to take a taxi than a limousine... but as that is not even as remotely interesting as the fact that he likes Gatorade...

Oh, and then I saw Rachel McAdams walking down the street.

The End of Day 5 of the TIFF. Day 6 update to come as soon as events unfold.



Courtney said...

Ooh, fun stuff. I've never met/seen/looked at in near proximity, anyone even remotely famous.

Except Kathy Baker who no one even knows. I went to Disneyland with her. When I was 8? 10? Young.

Judge Joe Brown said...

This is an electronic court order.
You are currently and legally ordered to cease and desist all of your star stalking activity. The celebrities in question fear for their lives. The barricades outside The Four Seasons or The Sutton Place Hotel will not be the only bars you will be looking out from behind if your horrendous psychotic behaviour does not stop immeadiately. Thank you.