Some Hopeful News

Yesterday I could not bear to put a picture of Oreo up, lest I hear shortly thereafter that she hadn't made it. Today I am decidedly more hopeful. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and thoughts you sent. It seems to have done a world good.

So what's the status? Fairly good actually. While she still cannot really walk, she seems to have regained some movement in her back legs, and has eaten and done her business on her own... and she is as ornery as she ever is in a situation that does not want to be in. People who know Oreo know here well will laugh at what the vet said this morning... "She sure likes to complain." That she does Dr., that she does.

He also brought up the fact that she twitches from time to time and while he thought that was maybe a bi-product of what had just happened to her, I assured him that she has always had a little bit of a facial tic. The tic, coupled with the fact that she does actually swear (I kid you not, you can ask Molly, who has been at the receiving end of being called an F&*#$%^ B*&#$! on several occasions when Oreo hasn't gotten what she wants, namely a treat), the conclusion I have come to as of this morning is that my cat has Tourette's Syndrome. How lovely.

Anyway, she is not out of the woods yet but the vet is hopeful that she may be released by Saturday, maybe tomorrow if she progresses to the same degree today as she did yesterday.

Fingers Crossed.

Beatrice "a little more bounce in my step today" Petty


art said...

very cute cat

CBS said...

Bea - I'm so very happy to hear she's doing better. My fingers are crossed over here for you too. :)

TheatreChick73 said...

Oreo is adorable! That picture is awesome! Here's hoping she will be home with you this weekend.

wee said...

Yay O-R-E-O! She'll need to celebrate with a big ball of catnip once this ordeal is over. I hope she's all better soon.

Courtney said...

That's wonderful news! I'll make sure I don't stop thinking about you guys- every lit bit helps, right? :)