Shocking News

Been a while, I know. I was trying to put off the inevitable for as long as possible so that you all might think that I was actually cool.

I am not.

Re: the film fest bash from last Thursday. Regardless of whether it may or may not have been an actual party put on by the movie, or whether or not it was a shameless publicity stunt pulled by the club, the fact remains that the roomie and I were not cool enough to have gotten in. It needs not be said that Girl and her good friend, Celebrity Boyfriend Stealer were cool enough to get in.

Actually, truth be told, I was more than happy to have not gotten in (although at the time I was most displeased) as I was able to have a much more productive Friday than otherwise predicted. Hurray! And all was not lost as I now have a kick-ass date outfit... which I may wear on Wednesday's September filling quota date with a Gay Travel Agent.

OK, he's not gay (or so he insists, but it wouldn't be the first time the old girl has been has been hoodwinked by a fella)... but he does own a travel agency specializing in gay-friendly travel... or would that make him a Gay-Travel Travel Agent... I guess I could just call him a Travel Agent... not nearly as much fun though. Stay tuned for news on that front...


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mollyblogger said...

Shite. Forgot about the quota system. Can I be exempt from September? I broke up with D on the 3rd...

Maybe I'll be ambitious and go for a Mr. October.

You go girl, with your GTTA. Hope you two have fun!