Here’s the deal.

Summer in T-dot is closing in around us. Or rather closing in on me, I should say. I’m kind of a low to mid 20’s kind of gal, a coastal BC girl through and through. It’s not even the middle of May and we have a smog alert, as well as a chance of thunderstorms this evening. With both of these come VERY humid conditions, of which I have yet to warm up to, no pun intended…

I left home this morning with beautifully silken and straightened hair. Yes, I use a straightener, almost daily. For the most part because I am too lazy to make it look all purdy while blowdrying. I’ve never gotten the hang of using the brush to style as per the salon way of doing things. Oh sure, I can manage it one side of my head, but I usually try to not leave the house with a lopsided head. So the straightener has become my default beauty tool.

A much bigger improvement from when I was in my early teens when I thought that the way to a beautiful head of hair was to perm the sh*t out of it. But my hair did not want to be curly. So it often times needed two or three perms in succession just to get some body. Of courser this fried my hair so I really and truly ended up with Annie/ Carrot Top hair. And this was not helped by the fact that at the time I had a whole mouthful of braces and used to sun-in my hair like a fiend. The end result that I was perhaps the ugliest little tween on the block. Such was the case from about grade 7 to 9. And yes, believe it or not, I did have friends.

Long gone are those days, thankfully but now enters the evil humidity demon that plaques me to no end in this city. I spent the formative years of my youth trying to have curly hair only to be thwarted at every attempt. Now nothing, not even the most potent of styling products can prevent me from looking like this by the time I get to work:

Sucks to be me eh?

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