I'm here,

Been a while, I know, but hey, I never made any promises. Oh wait, I did. Oops.

So, the TIFF is over... so sad. Saw my little Legolas. Saw Mr. Darcy. My life is complete..... JK, althought it was pretty neat. But it is all over and done with and despite the complete lack of sleeping action that took place during the festival I wish that it was still going on. Most fun... ever!

And so, what has replaced it, you may be asking yourselves? You guessed it, the US Presidential Race. As you know-- that is unless you are just some random person who doesn't know me from Adam and stumbled upon this blog by accident-- I am a history freak and of late, I find myself fixated to world events that will be looked on by future generations as "history". It is my belief, and I am somewhat knowledgable in this area... It is my belief that in following these elections, I am watching History in the making. And do not fear, there is a PresidentialKu included in this entry.

So, of course I am a Kerry supporter. It's possible that I am more of a fan of his stepson, but I have yet to figure that one out. It's also possible that I subscribe to the slogan "Anyone but Bush" more than supporting Kerry himself, but again... Oddly enough, I do think that hotty stepson aside, Kerry is actually worthy of the office based on his own merits. And if I hear "wishy-washy" or "flip-flop" one more time. They're right up there with "shock and awe". Remember that one from the attack on Iraq... I don't hear the Kerry/Edwards campaign using the phrase "dumbass" and "metard"... They are far too classy, but it would be SO appropriate.

Ode to Kerry

Oh, that you might win
Once more, sanity down south
Tell Chris to ring me

Ode to Bush

We know, it's HARD work
Attacking the wrong country
Poor little toadey

Two'Kus for the price of one.

I'm outtie

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