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Drum role please.............................

I am back in the dating scene (sorry D if you are reading this... just got bored of hanging with the 2 people I know in this town). Yes, it's true... my rubber arm was twisted and I signed up last week on Lavalife. What can I say about it except that it is pretty much the most hysterical thing that I have ever done. It's like going shopping, but for men (and or women, depending on your prefence). For those of you unfamiliar with how it works... let me present to you Lavalife 101.

The first thing you do is write a profile of yourself. And you better make it good because this is peoples' first impression of you. A picture is a necessity because no one will really give your profile a glance if you don't have one... no matter how well written it is. And then the shopping begins. You basically "browse" for the type of guy you are looking for and then scroll through the hundreds available. When you see someone you like, you send them a smile. If they are into you, they send you a smile back, or an mail, or an IM... whatever strikes their fancy. And vice versa. And then, if you don't think they are too freaky, you give them your msn or whatever you happen to use for a personal email and then.... well, you get the picture.

And have I had any luck... you may be asking yourselves? Perhaps. While there a many, many, many freaky people on LL, there are also some nice ones. I had my very first date last night actually. We had some great chemistry on msn and over the phone and I have to say theat he was WAY cuter than any of the pictures that he had sent me... That reminds me, I must tell him that the pics didn't do him any justice and he should think of changing them... or maybe I won't. Would that be evil? Anyway, he was very nice, extremely funny... would love to hang with him again and get to know him a little more. But I guess the important question is whether he thought the same. Didn't hear from him today so I am thinking I greatly offended him in some way. Was it my big fat ass? Perhaps?

But you know what? No worries. Got a few other cuties waiting on the back burner... including a very adorable police officer who just moved here from the UK. Can anyone say "Dream Guy"??? In fact, I have a phone date with him tonight. And of course there are others. Stay tuned to Petty's One Lavalife to Live for future updates.

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PS. Anyone watch the last debate? Too funny!

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