How much fun did I have at E's wedding last week??? Most fun ever. It had been so long since all of the old gang had been together... basically a night of drinking, smoking, laughing, toasting, crying etc... anything besides sleeping. And who knew that E was like the most romantic guy ever? Not me! Just amazing!

Enough about that... let's get back to me!

Ok, remember Lavalife? Sometimes I wish I could forget. ...but...Here's the update. The crazy guy from last week turned out to be kind of a flake when it came to me. Still absolutely adorable, but he's not into me really and so that makes me not really into him. We may or may not turn into friends, I guess only time will tell.

As for my British cop... we were supposed to have gone out last Monday, but he got "called into work for an overtime shift". Yeah, right... and monkeys are flying out of my ass as I type. We are supposedly rescheduling-- his parents are visiting from England right now. Don't fret my pretties, I'll update you if anything further happens. So, back to Monday... Already being in the mindset of going out on a date, I got in touch with another guy who I had kind of been blowing off as I was seeing how things turned out with either of the two S's. We went out, he bought me dinner... very nice, very short, very bald (not that there is anything wrong with that... so far only one of my PNBs has had a full head of hair). Yikes.

I guess that brings us to Tuesday... actually Monday night (after my date) ended up chatting with a bloke who had emailed me on Lava... Another Brit if you can believe it? I can't. What are the freaking odds that 2 English expats are both interested in me... I feel like I've died and gone to Petty heaven... Anyway, this one is a chemist, PhD... So, back to Tuesday. We went out, had some drinks and omg, most adorable guy EVER! Had a great time... too bad he's already kind of dissed me. But again, I'll have to see what transpires in the near future. Not sure if I'm cut out for all these dizzying highs, and awful lows.

I guess this is where I should insert a LavaKu. Never wanting to disapoint, here you go:

Hey, thanks for the smile
Too bad you're a Freak Monkey
I'll be blocking you

Until next time kiddies...

Petty Out!

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