Baby It's Cold Outside

Today it is cold in Toronto. Like retarded cold for the end of February. So cold that my stylish red Team Canada jacket actually froze and made the oddest crinkling sounds when I moved. I thought my hood would crack off. Not the best day to wear only a skirt and tights (a top too… obviously).

I entered the building this morning right behind a woman in a very fancy fur coat such that only a very wealthy woman would dare to wear/ could afford. Quite frankly, I am not a fan of fur coats, or fur in general… I could say that it’s due to some sort of ethics or morals on my part but let’s be honest… I eat meat… I wear cows on my feet… I would be an uber hypocrite if I were to rant about the evils of fur. No folks, I just plain think that fur is ugly. Don’t see the appeal and I never have.

So I did look at the coat with a bit if distain because it was quite god awful in my estimation, though it looked to be about the warmest thing on the planet at that moment.

And then I chanced to look at this woman’s head. On top of said head was perched one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. So silly that I forgot all about the ugly fur coat and chuckled to myself while waiting for the elevator. For while this woman was wearing what looked to be a $10,000 fur coat (at least… although what the hell do I know...), she was wearing a “Budget Rent-a-Car” toque on top of her head.

But this was no ordinary and run-of-the-mill toque folks… this thing had CLASS… brown and orange, grey, white and blue… it had BUDGET-RENT-A-CAR boldly emblazoned around the forehead. As an added touch, it also had the world’s largest pompom affixed to the top. It was brilliant. I couldn’t take my eyes off the ensemble.

And as she was getting off on the 4th floor. The three of us left in the elevator broke out into laughter… no words needed to be said. We shared that moment together… all three of us. And the toque.


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wee said...

Oh my goodness Bea.... you are so funny! I'm glad you're back!!