Another week...

Another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone. I would be lying if I said it was all I had hoped it would be. To begin with, Girl and I didn’t get to go to our usual place which had always provided us with much entertainment and we ended up at a place with little St. Paddy’s Day to-do with people who were set to leave before the night had even begun. The end result was that by the time I had hooked up with people who wanted to do SPD right, I had mostly lost the taste for it. Also not helping was the fact that the new face cream that I had bought that same morning was doing it’s best to eat through my skin. I looked like a cross between a leper from biblical times and a three-degree burn victim. Hardly the ideal conditions under which to put ones best face forward. Truth be told I was more pished that my facial disfigurement (which has since mostly healed) made it impossible for me to, um, what’s the word I am looking for? Oh yeah… meet anyone who might possibly have been up for a night of fun… But I am over it so let’s move on shall we?

Wait a minute, I am just now remembering that despite the flesh eating disease that was my face some bloke did come up and talk to me. He reminded me of Scott Savol from American Idol a while back. Except this bloke was wearing one of those teeny tiny little leprechaun hats… which only served to make his giant bald head even more giant and bald (don’t get me wrong balding men do it for me… I have a theory about the less hair you have and the larger the size of the penile unit… but that’s not for here). Anyway, I conveniently found a boyfriend so that ended that chapter of the night. What? I might be in my sexual prime but I’m not desperate dammitt!!!

And speaking of not being desperate… fantasizing about my giant friend putting his giant hands on my boobs aside, I’ve been kinda hush hush on my love life of late… Of course there hasn’t been one really to speak of so that could have contributed a wee bit. Also contributing perhaps was a seemingly complex relationship with a friend that had me kinda holding off on meeting some of the other peeps who I’ve been in contact with lately just to see where it might have gone. I am not completely sure why I am such a retard when it comes to understanding the law of the land vis-a-vis interpersonal relationships but sufficed to say that I am retarded and I really need to stop taking things that people say to me at face value… or at the very least get some clarification before I run with something. It’s all good, but I did have one of those “Oh, OK… that’s the way things are” moments earlier today. It could never have been anyway so praise the goddess for the way it turned out.

So what that means is that I’m Back Baby… I’m kinda due for a relationship and thus the dating process begins anew… Not like before because I think I would die of exhaustion. Because sometimes when I am bored and I want a little reassurance that I can actually amuse and entertain people with my writing when given the chance, I look back on the past couple of years in Toronto and what I’ve written… and I sometimes think to myself:

“Dude, what the eff was I thinking?”


PS... Re: the pic... put it up for no reason in particular, except that GB is almost naked (he is in my fantasies)... and he's reading (not usually part of my fantasies but I think I can work with it)... because Gerry is so much more than just a pretty face... Am I right girls?

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