So You Think You Can...

Lucky for all of you there is no WC for two whole days. I know... a tragedy of extraordinary magnitude... but what's a girl to do?

Anyway, so here I am right now. Watching my favorite 'Let's make some other useless person famous' show "So You Think You Can Dance"... when I see an ad for something even more ridiculous.

America's Got Talent.

Yeah, the girl who can shoot a bow and arrow with her feet while doing a handstand deserves to win a million dollars. Like fer sure dude.

And then it occurred to me.

ALL of these shows are this ridiculous. Every single one of them!

And yet I watch. Oh yes I watch. OK, so I won't watch America's Got Talent... or American Inventor... Yikes, that's about it. I'll admit I am a huge SYTYCD fan. I watch the Idol shows, but channel surf an awful lot, unless a cute boy is singing... The Apprentice, Amazing Race... head hung in shame cough Surreal Life if the occasion calls for it...

America's Next Top Model, Canadian version ONLY because it is filmed, like, where I grew up and in a "Hey, I think I was passed out there once with my friends throwing pennies at me one night" kind of way... God help us if they do any film shoots at UVic because the for sure I will be enjoying it in a "I WAS passed out there and tied to a bench thanks to Kopps/ Hey I stole a table from that place and carried it all the way back to residence only to get busted by campus security and claim that we just "happened" to "find" a table 1km away from where it actually lived/ got a stupid RED card and almost kicked out of rez because of my adorable albeit a bit precocious when she's drunk l'ilb friend Wee" kind of way... I digress.

Good Times.

Oh yeah... re: reality shows... Let's get back to the golden age of TV shall we? That's right, the 1970's...

The world needs more Love Boat.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.


PS. Go England!


mollyblogger said...

I think if there's one message sent by the show America's Got Talent is that by and large America doesn't have talent... or maybe, more accurately, America doesn't believe in showcasing talent... but does love a good freak show.

Admittedly, I have watched an episode of the above-mentioned show. If anything, I think America's definitely got ego.

Hopefully this is ONE show Canada doesn't choose to pick up and do our own version of... because... ew.

former pnb said...

yep...always good being a guy and having the anti-climatic NBA draft and of course, the ever exciting Blue Jay game (at least sports is the closest to reality as you can get on TV) BUT I did find myself switching to AGT and SYTYCD for Springer reasons I guess. What is with asking the girl back on AGT who just took off her clothes down to her undies...not that I am complaining but that is not a million dollar stripper (I would know).

Back to the reason for my entry...LOTR, the Musical is dead in Toronto as of September 3rd (an early cancellation, who knew...of course we know who knew, don't we).

Anyhoo, keep rockin'...we need to get together in the new hood.

Beatrice Petty said...

Former-pnb: Quite possibly the most random comment EVER... have you been drinking?

Re: Amercia's Got Talent... Oddly enough people at work are kind of raving about it... Looks like Bea's jumping on another bandwagon!

mollyblogger said...

No, no... Bea... don't jump! DON'T JUMP!

It ACTUALLY kills braincells. Scientifically proven.

And I LIKE your braincells.

wee said...

JUMP! Maybe, just maybe you'll happen across of a repeat of last night's episode and you can enjoy the sword balancing talents of the "VERY LARGE GAY CRYING RUSSIAN CHRISTMAS TREE ANGEL"! Even HE (IT?) got through to the next round!