It appears that I spoke too soon... the adorable Newfie Gooner seems to have lost interest And quite suddenly too. Of course nothing has been expressly said, but nothing had been expressly said to begin with so I can't even say with all certainty what, if anything was going on anyway. Confused? Welcome to my world.

As always seems to be the case with me, it's that change in behaviour that speaks louder than any words can. Especially since I am apt to do behave in the same way when I have become un-enamoured with certain folks. You start off in constant communication, by text, phone, chat... You want to see that person all the time.

In the case with NG, he was always communicating... always the first one to suggest getting together... always said 'hi' immediately when he popped online... But since he came back from a mini vacay a couple of weeks ago, things are very different. Like night and day different. Now it is I who must initiate things, where I never had to do that before. I never got a chance, because he was always beating me to it. I understand that perhaps it might be my turn to take then initiative, at least now and again, but even when I do, there seems to be a overall lack of enthusiasm for spending time together. Don't get me started on the complete lack of physical contact these days.

In fact, the whole thing has now become a classic example of "He's just not that into you if..."

- He doesn't seem to want to see you
- He doesn't want to touch you
- He doesn't want to talk to you
- He doesn't say goodbye when leaving town for a couple of days

I am, of course, highly disappointed, but I suppose the whole thing was a little too good to be true. I mean, how often does it actually happen where a friend turns into something more? And more to the point.. how often does it actually happen with me specifically. Um, like never? Apparently.

Stay tuned...

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