9021 Oh My!

Before I get into the awesomeness that was the new 90210... I must first regale you all with this aside...

So, it has been sometime since I resigned from a certain high-performance sport organization. Shortly after said resignation I took a temporary gig with a company that I had worked for temporarily before I started working at said high-performance sport organization. It was strictly temporary, for anyone willing to do such mind numbing work for any period of time would have to be mentally challenged to some degree. Having been here now for four months, I indeed am questioning my mental abilities, though to take blame and responsibility completely and utterly away from myself, I had though for many months that an offer was forthcoming from a local municipality that shall remain nameless, just in cases. Honestly, who tells someone they want to hire you... have permission to hire you... but that they don't have a place to put you so to sit tight??? Ugh. At any rate, I have given up on that pie in the sky and hope to be leaving Dunder Mifflin shortly via some other avenue.

To finish off this little piece, and to give you a general idea how I have spent my days these last few months...

I have spent the better part of this morning surfing the interweb to find pictures of Greyhound buses, Greyhound bus schedules, greyhound bus locations, and anything else noteworthy about the Greyhound bus organization. All this at the request of the elderly senior partner (who is LONG past the usual age of retirement in such as civilized country as Canada), which began as the request of his mentally challenged adult son who spends his days on the phone with his Dad asking for colour printouts of whatever happens to pop into his mind at any given time throughout the day. Don't get me wrong. It is very sweet. But honestly... I went to University for this? Le sigh. (as an aside, aside… with his Dad gone out for lunch, I had a chance to speak with the son, who urgently needed to get in touch with his Dad to pass along a most important message about tow trucks, and that fact that no fewer than 17 had been spotted that morning!!!)

On the plus side... I am now your go-to girl for anything Greyhound Bus, or long distance bus travel related... (and the alarming number of tow trucks out and about on a given morning)

But onto much more interesting, though only slightly less pathetic topics... How much did I love 90210 last night? From the first scene to the end, I was entertained to my hearts delight. Even down to the original opening theme...

Spent fully two hours on msn with Girl, most of our convo consisting of the following. In fact, I guess you could say this WAS our conversation, just repeated in varying order throughout the night:


This is awesome

He's HOT

I think HE is hotter

Yes, he is... I like them both

Well, you can't have both of them... I'll take the teacher

Why can't I have both

Why are you such a greedy bitch

Holy crap these girls are skinny

The mom is a bitch

Love the grandma

That guy looks like Superman

I think he looks like James Marsden

No, more like James Marsden


OMG Brenda

OMG Brendan is Kelly's baby daddy...

And on and on and so forth...

Of course, you must also imagine that anything and everything that came from my end would have been laced with my usual msn typos... I do, of course, type like an illiterate (not to be confused with bad spelling though!), where the word bitch comes out looking more like bithc, etc…

But all the same... I can't wait to see what unfolds!

Your thoughts?

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