Happy start of Easter long weekend everyone!

I trust everyone is doing well!?! I, for one, am dismayed at the lack of comments left by the visitor(s) to my blog. As I very much do not want to believe that no one is reading it... I am going to think deep down in my wee little heart that the reason no one is commenting is that there is a lack of content to be commented on!!! I am thinking I lost you all with my laments about living in the land of Nod. Well "Mr. and Mss'sssss think you are so superior because you all lead more exciting lives than me"... that is all in the past. Welcome to the new and improved Be Petty, where all your dreams will come true... just joking... here's hoping you find things a bit more interesting from now on.

The first order of business today... poetry. You seen them, read them, loved them and screamed for more... yes, I write about my Honkus. You may have noticed that of late, I have not really posted any... the last being one that was actually inspired NOT by yours truly. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere means that I have not done a whole lot of driving recently. This leaves me thinking... does that mean that I must give up the haiku form of poetry forever more? Or at least until an event of the driving nature occurs? To that I say No, no no!!! For those who know me well, you will have noticed that I have many, many pet peeves. And you know what this means??? There is a whole wide world out there and enough fodder for honku-like poems to fill up the large cavity that is Dubbya's rear! Think of the possibilities folks! And if you have any suggestions re: pet peeves, let me know because chances are I share your annoyance. On that note,here goes my very first ........................................................... Politiku...... My apologies to KS and everyone else who has faith in our democratic system:

Politiku #1

Did I vote for that?
I wanted to keep my job.
Cabin in the woods...

That is all,

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