Why MSN Sucks

I had a moment last night where I almost cursed Molly to live a life eternally damned in the lowest pits of hell. After my date on Saturday she had spent the better part of the week telling me that in her humble opinion the Scotsman was into me but that clearly he was just shy. And that it would be up to me to encourage him, tell him I wanted to see him again, to make that first move. I fought her advice, even though it was really the most adult thing to do. After all, for once I had met someone who was not about playing the ‘game’ and so what did I have to lose?

And so late last night, after close to an hour of chatting via the internet about this that and the other thing, Bea was getting sleepy and really needed to go to bed… t was then that decided to do it. Enough alluding to future get-togethers, I wanted to hear something a little more convincing…

Bea says “Do you mind if I ask you something?”

Scotsman says “Of course you can, anything”

Bea says “Well, I was just wondering if you ever fancied meeting up again at all?”

And then nothing… for SEVERAL minutes. Several minutes. Please refer to the opening line of this posting if you would like a hint as to what was going through my mind at the time.

Bea says “It’s ok if you don’t”

Bea says “I think I would just rather know now than later”

Bea says “I really enjoy talking to you and I thought you did with me so if you just want to be friends at a distance that’s OK”

Bea says “Like I said, I’d rather just get that out into the open now”

Bea says “Or not”

Bea says “It’s up to you”

Bea says ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot”

Bea says “Forget I said anything”

Bea says “It’s fine, let’s not even worry about it”

Scotsman says “LMAO”

Bea says “ :( “

Scotsman says “Me Mum came into the room right as you typed that”

So, um… yeah. It’s all good… of course he wants to see me again… for him it was a non-issue. Being confident and self-assured, it didn’t occur to him that I might need that. In hindsight of course, all signs pointed to yes anyway, but we all know I am hindsight blind as a bat… btw... Scotsman moved back home a couple of years ago when his mom got cancer... sweetness no?

Sorry Molly. Rest assured, if you end up damned for all time in hell, it will not be because of me.


mollyblogger said...

I salute you via my blog!

Beatrice Petty said...

LOL... thanks...

And it's not like I haven't asked guys out before... I just usually hear 'No'